My bronze collection “River of Life” is inspired in the continuous beauty of life flowing between generations. The river of life flows smoothly and peaceful through beautiful figures which spiral towards the heavens. The figures display continuous movement, vitality and energy. The topics covered: lovers, the kiss, maternal love, ecstasy and passion are the fabric of who we are as humans. All sculptures are in bronze to enhance the richness and perpetuity of the figures and its art.

Santiago Medina is a contemporary artist who is part of the expressionist artistic movement. As an expressionist, he uses vibrant oil colors to paint bold human figures who express strong personalities and emotions. As a physician at Miami Children’s Hospital, he is exposed to the emotional lows of sickness and death on one hand, with the emotional highs of recovery and healing. He brings these rich life experiences to the canvas.

Medina is an expressionist artist who focuses on figures and color. Vibrant colors that endow his pieces with light, depth, passion, mood, movement and energy projecting inner spiritual strength. Through his bold use of color and with exquisite oil on Belgian linen technique, the real world he sees and feels, becomes his world on the canvas.

“When I look at my work I see the intensity and deepest feelings of people. My inspirations come from life experiences and rich memories. Art means sharing our joy of life and cultural diversity. My art combines a rich and pleasant artistic experience with a strong emotion message. I want people to feel the power and beauty of the different personalities.”

Santiago Medina is an artist born in Colombia (South America). In the 1970s and 1980s he trained with Colombian renowned painter Dora Ramirez and Spanish acclaimed painter Libe de Zulategui. In the 1990s and 2000s he attended the Cincinnati Academy of Art (Cincinnati, USA), the University of Miami (Miami, USA) and Romero & Hidalgo Artists Studio (Miami, USA). He also has medical training in human anatomy and imaging from Harvard Medical School and Washington University School of Medicine. He is copainter of the mural at the Medellin Public Library in Colombia. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Colombia.

Santiago Medina especializes in the human figure with a modern approach. He strives to show the power of character and personality in his oil paintings. Recently he has been working on two series (1) illuminated monochromies and (2) hidden faces. In the illuminated monochromies series the artist uses charcoal and monochromatic oil colors to capture the essence of the characters and the strength of their personalities. In the hidden faces series just part of the face is painted in vibrant oil colors revealing some of the emotions and thoughts of the person. This allows the viewers to interactively think how they would perceive the rest of the face and the whole personality of the character.

The visual experience is achieved by using a detailed modern figurative approach following the technique of the great masters. The strong emotional reaction comes from the power of the different human personalities depicted by the artist through thoughtful traits and expressions.

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Sleeping Beauty, Archival Inkjet
20 x 24 inches

Sleeping Beauty - 300 dpi

Avanti, Stainless Steel, Sculpture
7 feet tall



Aqua, Stainless Steel, Sculpture
25 inches tall



Imagine John Lennon, Archival Inkjet
30 x 40 inches

Imagine John Lennon 300 dpi

Marilyn Monroe’s Night, Archival Inkjet
30 x 40 inches

Marilyn Monroe's Night 300 dpi