Preservation & Restorations

As art restorers and preservers with many years of experience, Elite Fine Art Galleries has gained the knowledge from working in the field on large projects with highly skilled people. We have been able to develop many techniques to apply to our services. Because each piece of art requires specific methods of restoration, we feel that our duty as art restorers is to figure out the best way to accomplish the task and then apply the best method possible. Therefore, we have been able to have successful results and fulfilled the expectations of all our clients.

– Paintings (oil, acrylic & mixed media)
– Sculptures (marble, ceramic, resin, fiberglass, wood, plaster, metal)
– Murals (wall & canvas)
– Trompe L’Oeil (wall & canvas)
– Framing



Lorioz Sculpture (d)

Lorioz Sculpture (fx)

Stencil Jersey City Hall (d)

Stencil Jersey City Hall (r)